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an Engineering, Architecture, and Survey House of Brands

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Our Companies
Civil Engineering
The firms of Fremont-Wright boast a skilled staff in site and civil engineering. They provide services from conceptual design through construction administration.
Our firms are able to provide a full suite of architecture and design services including master planning and interior design. We have experience in a variety of industries making buildings more space-efficient, environmentally friendly, and suited for the latest technology.
Land Use Planning
We are able to partner with our clients in land planning for commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, and mixed use projects. From annexations to code review and permitting to project management we can handle your land planning needs.
Environment Management
We use remote sensing as a tool to study and manage environmental assets. We have years of experience delivering orthophotography and elevation data.
Land Surveying
Our firms offer a full suite of land surveying services including construction stakeout, easements, location drawings, site plans, subdivisions, topographic surveys and zoning plats.
Aerial Surveying
Through aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR we are able to collect highly accurate digital imagery and contour data to help map roadways, rail, corridors, and airports.
Utility Design
We are able to provide detailed utility analysis and reporting as well as utility designs for our clients across all industries we serve.

National network

Engineering, Architecture, and Survey firms delivering a full suite of services

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Architecture and Design
  • Land and Aerial Survey and Use Planning

Schools, Funeral Homes, Medical Facilities, Religious Facilities, Municipal Facilities
Mixed Use
Warehousing, Manufacturing, Airports, Roads, Highways, Railways, Recreation
Retail, Banks, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Fitness Facilities
Single Family Housing, Multifamily Housing, Senior Housing Facilities
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Operate independently

We understand clients are doing business with people. We want you to carry on your corporate culture and run your day to day business in the same manner that grew your business to this point. We are interested in acquiring your business because of how you’ve run it and the management team in place.

Access to resources

Being part of Fremont-Wright provides a peer circle for you to discuss possibilities, challenges, and best practices. Additionally, the nationwide network of companies create an excellent source of referrals, hiring pool, and complimentary services enabling you to tell your customers yes.

Do What You Love

Fremont-Wright will absorb the capital planning, banking, financial management, and certain other back-office responsibilities, freeing you up to focus on client retention and new business development. In other words, we want you to be able to get back to operations and doing what you love to do.